E.D.G.E. final meeting in Riga

In the period 11 - 14 of December 2017, project partners in E.D.G E. – EUROPEAN ANTI-DOPING GENERATION has gathered in Riga, Latvia to analyze the project activities held on national and international level during the past 12 months. The partners has discussed: The local activities and the feed-back from the participants, local partners and involved players; … Continue reading E.D.G.E. final meeting in Riga

Building E.D.G.E /Venice, Italy/

4 days European Meeting in Venice has been conducted in Mestre, Venice, Italy and has been attended by 2 young athletes + 1 Sport Expert + 1 sport instructor from each country (total 16 persons). Event has been held in the period 14 - 17 November 2017. The meeting was a concrete chance to share … Continue reading Building E.D.G.E /Venice, Italy/

National Anti-Doping Manifest – BUL

Bulgarian sports development association has implemented “Youth Anti-Doping Workshop” that has involved young athletes together with sport instructors. The Workshop had 3 main objectives: – To facilitate the dialogue and the mutual understanding between young athletes and instructors when talking about anti-doping strategy; – To create a common Anti-Doping Manifesto, that will include rules, suggestions, … Continue reading National Anti-Doping Manifest – BUL

National Anti-doping Manifesto – LAT

National Anti-doping Manifesto, October 7, 2017 “National Antidoping Manifesto” was the activity where all the project participants – young athletes and coaches – gathered together for one intensive day to work on antidoping issues. At the beginning of the workshop, the national anti-doping organization gave a presentation on what actually is doping and why it … Continue reading National Anti-doping Manifesto – LAT

S.P.E.E.R – Sports in Peers – LAT

To implement the project activity “S.P.E.E.R – Sports in Peers” the group of young athletes from different sports gathered together 8 times in August and September, 2017, to get to know sports psychology and its aspects better. The group represented a wide spectrum of different sports: athletics, bodybuilding and fitness, canoe, floorball, frisbee, gymnastics, inline … Continue reading S.P.E.E.R – Sports in Peers – LAT

Failing Forward – LAT

To implement the project activity “Failing Forward” the group of sport instructors from many sports (athletics, bodybuilding and fitness, canoe, dancesport, floorball, frisbee, gymnastics, orienteering, powerlifting, skiing, sleddog sports, table tennis) gathered together 4 times in August and September, 2017, to learn more about the multiform influence of psychological factors on the trainings and competition. … Continue reading Failing Forward – LAT

“Failing Forward” TC for sport instructors – BUL

Bulgarian sports development association implemented a TC sessions for sport instructors in Sofia, Bulgaria in the period August - September 2017 that teaches sport coaches/instructors about the need to be equipped with the proper skills and knowledge to accept falling in their agenda and are able to support the young athletes in acquiring this competence. … Continue reading “Failing Forward” TC for sport instructors – BUL