Erasmus+E.D.G.E. is a 12 months small collaborative partnership, co-funded by ErasmusPlus Sport Programme of the European Commission that involves 5 partners in 4 different countries (Italy, Latvia, Austria and Bulgaria) and aims to promote an anti-doping culture among young athletes and sport instructors.

The project objectives are:

– To promote a sport culture against degenerative forms of sport – above all  doping – among young sportsmen and sportswomen;

– To encourage ethical behaviors in sport;

– To encourage young athletes to embrace sport values, discouraging any form of violence;

– To involve 80 young athletes in a training path that will support them in being responsible human agent in their sport choices;

– To create an education path for 80 coaches/instructors so that they could become a “change agent” and promote an ethical attitude and behaviors in sport among their trainees.

The core of the project consists in developing training and meetings  for young athletes aged 15-19 years old and sport instructors in order to promote important competences as managing stress and frustration, learning from failing, team work, turning mistakes into successful step. These competences are the foundation to build a culture against doping and against any counterfeit sport performance. The project includes an innovative approach and the two main outputs (training materials and video) are made by the contribution of all partners and target groups, thus being an expression of an added European value.

The partnership include NADO, sport associations, leisure time and education organisation and an Olympic Centre: this mix of competences will guarantee an efficient and positive development of the project. Project is coordinated by Coges /Italy/ with project number 579899-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-SPO-SSCP.


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