In the period 11 – 14 of December 2017, project partners in E.D.G E. – EUROPEAN ANTI-DOPING GENERATION has gathered in Riga, Latvia to analyze the project activities held on national and international level during the past 12 months. The partners has discussed:

  • The local activities and the feed-back from the participants, local partners and involved players;
  • The international activities held during the project, outputs created during the activities, their proper dissemination;
  • Final outputs at preliminary stage – project promotional video and project activities booklet;
  • Sustainability of project idea and future plans for development;
  • Final report practicalities.

The 12 months partnership included NADO, sport associations, leisure time and education organisation and an Olympic Centre: this mix of competences that guaranteedan efficient and positive development of the project. Project is coordinated by Coges /Italy/ with project number 579899-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-SPO-SSCP. Project is co-funded by ErasmusPlus Sport Programme of the European Commission and involved 5 partners in 4 different countries (Italy, Latvia, Austria and Bulgaria) and aimed to promote an anti-doping culture among young athletes and sport instructors.


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