To implement the project activity “Failing Forward” the group of sport instructors from many sports (athletics, bodybuilding and fitness, canoe, dancesport, floorball, frisbee, gymnastics, orienteering, powerlifting, skiing, sleddog sports, table tennis) gathered together 4 times in August and September, 2017, to learn more about the multiform influence of psychological factors on the trainings and competition. The group learned the methods and techniques for relaxation and mobilization to be able to teach them to their athletes later on. The group also worked together to find the most widespread problems and difficult situations, which the young athletes could face, as well as looked after the solutions and coaches’ role in helping to tackle these problems. They were introduced with the psychological aspects of eating disorders and disturbed eating habits in sport as well as psychological reasoning for sports injury trauma and rehabilitation. Very interesting was the task to make the mental preparation plan and analyze this issue taking into account the personal experience.

The group admitted that these activities have helped them to understand the importance of sport psychology and mental preparation better, also also regarding the ethical decision making in sport. Moreover they admitted that they are going to include mental preparation trainings in their athletes training process, because they have now a much better knowledge and tools to do that.

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