Training course for trainers and sport coaches with the focus on managing frustration and turning mistakes into stepping stones for success. The group watched the video “Aus Niederlagen Siege machen” (SRF, my school ) which was a great input for the discussion what is important to manage frustration of failing.

„Um usere Niederlag usezcho, mer muess zerscht die guete Punkte finde.

Das isch erschte Sache und nachher eifach dra schaffe, dra schaffe, kämpfe!

Will s’Läbe isch – ja – e wunderschöni Reis, aber mer muess scho chli kämpfe drfür.“

(Lara Gut, SRF my school)

One important strategy for most trainers is to watch at the problem with a little distance to find the positive things in the failure, to talk to somebody you can trust and to keep on going.

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